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Onshore services

A dream stay in every respect

Your experience on land is just as important as your time on board. That's why we offer a wide range of hospitality, transport and leisure services to make your stay in Ibiza unforgettable.

At Ibiza Shipping, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive experience that combines hospitality, transport and leisure to ensure that your stay in Ibiza is exceptional in every way. Trust us to organise every detail and provide you with unforgettable moments in the jewel of the Mediterranean.

Whatever you need, whenever you need it

Specific activities


Enjoy the comfort and luxury of the best hotels in Ibiza. Our hotel service takes care of booking and managing your accommodation in renowned hotels, guaranteeing a pleasant and relaxing stay.


Ibiza is known for its excellent gastronomy. We offer you a selection of the best restaurants, where you can delight your palate with a wide variety of gourmet dishes and authentic Mediterranean flavours.


Discover Ibiza's lively nightlife with exclusive access to the island's most famous nightclubs. Our service allows you to enjoy the unique music and atmosphere of the world-renowned nightclubs.

Luxury transport

We provide you with a fleet of private jets and luxury limousines to get you around the island in style and comfort. Our transport service ensures you get where you want to go safely and on time.

Private security

Your security is our priority. We are in contact with the best private security teams, highly trained to protect your privacy and guarantee your peace of mind while you enjoy Ibiza.

Leisure on the beach

Ibiza is famous for its beautiful beaches and beach clubs. We offer you exclusive access to these places of relaxation and entertainment, where you can enjoy the sun and sea in a luxurious atmosphere.

Car rental and charter

If you prefer to explore the island by land, we have luxury car hire and charter boat services so you can discover Ibiza's most impressive sights at your own pace.

Yacht and water games agency

Our contacts with the best yacht agencies allow us to offer a wide range of boat charter options to explore the surrounding waters. In addition, you can enjoy exciting water games for an extra dose of fun at sea.

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